Welcome to Our Congregation!

If you have attended an Episcopal Church before, much of what we do at St. Andrew’s will seem familiar to you.  If you are a “newcomer” to St. Andrew’s and the Episcopal Church, welcome! This list of questions (and answers) is offered to better acquaint you with some of the details of our worship services and provide some answers to questions we would want to know if we were attending church here for the first time.

What should I wear to church?

We invite you and your family to dress in whatever way you feel is comfortable and appropriate. Some come dressed in their “Sunday best” while others prefer more casual attire such as jeans and a nice shirt.


What is parking like?

We are located in Polson on 6th Ave. E. There normally is plenty of parking on the East side and in front of the church, including handicapped spaces in the back (south side) with wheel chair accessibility. 


What is your service like?

Our service is a traditional service with organ/piano music and traditional hymns.  We have Eucharist every Sunday.


What will happen the first time I visit?

If you are visiting for the first time, we will not embarrass you, have you stand up, or ask you to give money. We know that many people want to check out the church and “be anonymous” for a while—and that’s fine with us! Come in, enjoy the relaxed atmosphere, and see if this is the church for you.


Is communion offered at every Sunday service?

Yes. If you prefer to not receive communion at the Altar, you can cross your arms and you will receive a blessing. You may also choose to stay seated in the pews during communion.


I’m not Episcopalian, may I take communion?

Yes. All are welcome.


Is the church wheelchair accessible?

Yes, our front doors are at ground level providing excellent access, and we have a handicap ramp in back near the handicap parking, allowing easy access and our facility .  It is very appropriate to request the ushers to ask the Rector to bring communion directly to you in your pew.  We always want you to feel at ease and comfortable.    


I have been divorced and/or remarried. May I receive communion?

Yes, the Church supports and welcomes you to receive Communion as part of your healing and growth.


What about money?

During most church services the offering plates will be passed by the ushers.  You are welcome to add a gift of your treasure by putting in cash or a check (payable to St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church).  You are also welcome to choose to pass the offering plates without adding anything; it is totally up to you.   The last thing we would ever want is for you to feel pressured.  There is more information about becoming a regular, contributing financial giver below.


What is the structure for an Episcopal service?  

The Episcopal Church worships in the “liturgical style,” which means all Episcopal churches follow a relatively common order of service. Being with a community of believers inspires us, nurtures us, encourages us, and comforts us. Our Sunday services throughout the year usually include an opening procession, singing, Bible readings, prayers for ourselves and others, time for meditation, a sermon or pastoral message, and Communion (Holy Eucharist) where we share bread and wine in remembrance of Jesus Christ and the Last Supper.


Do you have a Sunday school?

From September through May, we offer the Sunday School program for preschool and elementary aged children.  


What youth programs do you offer?

At the moment St. Andrew’s does not have a youth program for the simple reason that we do not have, as yet, a youth presence. However, we are more than willing to begin one when the time comes.


What if I am LGBTQ?  Will I and/or my family be welcomed?

Yes! We welcome and affirm people of all sexual orientations

Next Steps…

How do I become a member of St. Andrew’s?

You can contact the church office to schedule a meeting with our Rector to discuss membership. We offer a New Members’ class periodically to introduce you to the Episcopal Church. You may fill out one of our pink Welcome Cards which are at the back of each pew and specify what types of information you’d like to receive from us.


How may I financially contribute to St. Andrew’s parish?

Thank you for considering financial support to the ministry of the church.  Once a year, usually in the fall, there is an all-church pledge program for the following year.  If you would like to begin regular (weekly or monthly) financial support of the church at this time, please contact the church office with the request for a pledge card and we will be happy to get one to you, or just start making contributions.


How may I get involved with the activities of the church?

There are so many ways!  Speak to Fr. Steven or anyone at coffee hour and they can help you find something you may be interested in!  Please step out in faith and volunteer!